26 July 2008

And On We Go

Kitchen window with a nice little arrangement of orange Cosmos from my flower beds.

Well, we had a short unplanned break from the internet (and the phone) this week, and had to have the phone company come out to check everything. Although we have very old phone wires in the house, the problem was outside. Old wires from the pole to the house, and also from that pole to another pole a block away were faulty.

We are nearing the "two weeks 'til due date" mark, and we are living the procrastinators dream right now. Heh. Heh. Heh. We haven't officially settled on baby names yet, but that's the least of our worries. We're about to embark on a BIG home improvement project that involves taking out our existing garage door (which is also currently the dividing wall between us and the outside), replacing it with a cinder-block wall and exterior steel door , and putting up interior walls about 6-8 feet deep. Thus creating a storage room with exterior access for our "garage-like" items, and thus separating the "garage" area from the interior basement living space. We plan to begin construction a week from today. A little insane, no?

So I have no idea what our situation will be when my parents come in a week and a half from now, but I am at least glad that we'll have some extra grown ups to help keep me from going insane, although it sounds pretty insane anyway, I know! I suppose it's about time we set up a crib for the baby, or at least a bassinet or pack-n-play where he/she can sleep. Note to self: purchase mattress for the crib. Soon. And size 1 diapers. I might want to pack a toothbrush for the hospital, too.

The funny thing is, I don't really feel stressed or worried about it. Can you tell? Maybe I've already lost my mind. I often wonder what we'll do if the baby comes early. But that doesn't even freak me out. I would prefer he/she arrive sometime after Mom and Dad arrive, but I am also very much looking forward to not being pregnant anymore, and anytime sounds good to me!

"This too shall pass," as Mom often would say. Before baby comes, fine. After baby comes, fine. While baby comes? Uh, boy! I'm going to meditate on Proverbs 3:5-6 now.

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