21 July 2008

Getting the Week Started

We're in the middle of a heat wave here, which is quite exhausting for me. But we're managing. There's only three weeks until baby #4 is due, so my smile keeps getting bigger, as I know a significant physical relief is in sight. (Only to be replaced with sleepless nights, I know...) But We're keeping ourselves busy with all kinds of home improvement projects. This weekend, Enoch decided to tackle the kitchen. He's been reading books from the library on home improvement and organization, and we've been discussing all kinds of ideas from the basement to the kitchen to the bathroom to the bedroom. Since he's been doing most of the cooking these days, he attacked the kitchen with gusto. I was mostly helping with morale support and input and keeping the kids occupied. While the kitchen still basically looks the same, we've moved some things to new locations (and purged a few things), and have found better use for our space. But this will take some getting used to, since our plates and silverware and just about everything is in a new location.

I've also been long overdue in posting some photos of the bathroom, which is, for the most part finished. We still have detail work to do, like scrape off a few paint drips and hang some pictures, but it's about 95% done. Unless of course you count the need to organize the contents of the bathroom closet. But I'm counting that as a different project all together. (Perhaps if I get the to-do list accomplished, I'll "reward myself" by posting photos of the bathroom.)

Since today is going to be humid and in the mid-90's, I'm keeping my to-do list short and sweet. (I've already made a trip to the store for a couple of items for dinner, and washed a load of towels, but I'm not going to count those things.)


1. Fold and put away clean laundry.
2. Make pulled pork in the crock pot for dinner.
3. Mop kitchen floor.

Let's hope I can stay focussed to accomplish these three things that are top on my list. I have plenty of other work and projects and activities with kids to fill my time, but these three are my goal.

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