31 July 2008

The Nesting Instinct

I think I have got the nesting instinct stronger than ever before! I think that Enoch has been experiencing sympathy nesting, just like he's also been eating for two, or so it seems. So we have not only finished working on the bathroom for now (photos will be forthcoming, once the bathroom is actually cleaned--so maybe never), but we also re-arranged our basement in preparation for the re-model/construction project, re-organized the kitchen cupboards, and are in the process of re-organizing our shelving units in the dining room. Meanwhile, I've also been cleaning like crazy.

My biggest day of work by far was yesterday, when I got the kids to help me move the furniture, wipe down the piano (and sweep behind), triple-vacuum the living room and dining room rugs (which had been sprinkled with baking soda the night before--in preparation for shampooing them), roll up the rugs, sweep the wood floors, and then mop with Murphy's Oil Soap (mmm! smells so nice!). When Enoch came home, the floors were shining I was mopping the kitchen floor, and furniture was pushed to the corners to be re-arranged.

We decided to trade the rugs for each room. The larger one went to the dining room, and the smaller one to the living room. In the dining room, we decided to move the location of the bench and microwave cart, resulting in what you now see. I even found lovely space for my pear collection, which will hopefully serve as a clutter-deterrent on the large flat surface of the cart. Since my kitchen and the middle counter turned into disaster zones that still need to be addressed, I avoided catching that on film. We still plan to re-arrange the location of the items on the shelves, but it is for the most part what it will be.

In the living room, we were faced with the challenge of where to put the furniture. The piano limits our possible arrangement options, but since we had moved the smaller rug into the larger room, we also couldn't quite make the furniture and traffic flow work for the large space. We finally came up with something that we like, and even were able to set up a portable crib for a safe place for the baby on the main floor. It really makes the room feel more intimate, and separates the desk zone from the living room zone, which we like.

So where is all this energy coming from? Funny you should ask. I've been reading Colossians this month. Even just this morning I came across this verse, which stood out to me:

"For this purpose I also labor, striving according to His power, which mightily works within me." Colossians 1:29
Yesterday, as I was getting the kids to work, we have made Colossians 3:23 our theme verse:

"Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord, rather than for men."
What has also been greatly influencing me lately is a book I've been reading, called Neat Mom, Messie Kids, by Sandra Felton. While the title doesn't aptly describe me, the content has been excellent, and I hope to read more books by Mrs. Felton. I also hope to blog more about this book in the future. But for now, this is my little domestic victory.

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