17 October 2007

Am I Losing My Mind?

My husband might think so! He could be right! You wanna know why? I've decided to host a Tupperware party on the 30th to meet my neighbors and other moms at Julien's school. So I started with 25 invitations. Then I added another 10-15. And now I'm even thinking of adding another 15-18, because I didn't get one to everyone on the block. I understand that usually only 50% of those invited actually come, and if that's true, we could still be looking at 25 people, which is a LOT. My whole motivation is for an opportunity to get to know my neighbors and fellow kindergarten Moms, and now I'm a little worried that with so many people coming, I will barely get to know anyone! Oh well, the Lord knows. Thankfully my parents will be here visiting, so I'll have a little extra help pulling off such a big party. For those of you who are out of the area, if you are interested in ordering something, let me know. Even if you don't order anything, please pray that everything will go smoothly and that it will be the first step in getting to know new people. Thanks.

And here's a request for advice: A LOT of my guests are smokers, and I assume they will smoke outside when they feel like it. Should I provide an ash tray or a coffee can or something for them to use outside? Should I say anything about it, or just hope they do the right thing? Anyone know what good protocol would be? Leave your comments here, or e-mail me. Thanks!

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