04 October 2007

Thirteen Things I Found In My Sofa

The other day Tristan was helping me vacuum out the sofa, which had not been done in a long time, and it wasn't long that I realized what my next Thursday Thirteen list would be about!
Not to mention the few chips and pretzels, I also found:

1. One green crayon.
2. Three puzzle pieces. From three different puzzles!
3. One long Lincoln log. (Say that fast five times!)
4. One very missed Zebra pen, and another run-of-the-mill blue ball-point pen.
5. One pencil. (I never realized how much writing we apparently do at the sofa!)
6. One purple matchbox car.
7. Two column-shaped wooden blocks. (I'm finding a lot of these lately. Either they have become popular with the kiddies, or they are just hard to find when it's time to put the blocks away.)
8. One nickel. (If I had a nickel every time I vacuumed out the couch...)
9. One paint stir stick. We use them to keep the front windows propped open, because the innards of the the window don't properly hold them up anymore.
10. One DVD (unopened) from a Chick-Fil-A kid's meal.
11. One sock.
12. Five or six playing cards. (I already know I'm not playing with a full deck...)
13. One hand-held football game from a McDonald's kid's meal.

Happy Thursday everyone! May all the treasures that you find in your sofa be good ones!
Don't forget to scroll back to see my new orange wall and my "new" sink.

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