05 October 2007

Kindergarten Field Trip

Class photo with teacher and scarecrow.

Wednesday was unseasonably warm (low 80's), and I was able to go with Julien and his class to Highland Orchards for an apple-picking field trip. For many kids, it was their first time riding a school bus, and that was just as much a thrill as anything else! No seat belts! Julien says it was like riding a roller coaster. We had a great time despite the hot weather and abundance of bees. Two kids got stung on the face, but we thankfully had no adverse reactions. Here's some photos of our adventure.

First we took a hay ride into the orchard and each person got to pick one of three varieties of apples (3 apples total).

Then we got a tour of the cold storage room where the apples are kept after harvesting. Those boxes stacked to the ceiling are full of apples!

Then our tour guide showed us how apple cider is made, and we got to sample apple cider and donuts made with apple cider batter.

Once outside again, we stuffed a scarecrow before eating lunch and playing on the playground. There were animals to see and feed, as well as a maze made with large hay bales. We were ready to go home for quiet time when the day was done!

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