22 December 2007

Day 10: Work in Progress

Well, a lot has been going on these past few days as school has now wrapped up for the "year" for Julien and Enoch, and we have finally begun to think about Christmas shopping. (!) Now that it's only 2 days away! (Sigh) I live two blocks from Wal-Mart. You'd think I would have no problem getting my shopping done, but no.

Besides that, I've been attempting to sew a Christmas tree skirt, which has turned into a much more involved project than it should have been. (I decided to make it reverse able with a contrasting fabric.) We've also been working on shuffling and re-arranging furniture as we recently acquired a second sleeper-sofa from the same family at church that gave us a new bunk bed set earlier this year. It seems they are doing a lot of furniture shopping, and have much to give away. We are thankful to have a second sleeper sofa to tempt even more relatives to come for a visit!

Once we get everything re-arranged and looking decent, I'll post some more photos. Maybe by late spring. (That was an attempt at a joke...)

I'm still waiting for more people to respond to my questions about doing chores. I know, I know, it's only the busiest time of the year and all! Who is thinking about chores this time of year, anyway? Right now it's more like Christmas-crisis management. You know it's only going to get messier before the real cleaning picks up after the New Year. That will get me thinking about resolutions. Hmmmm.

Any how, if you haven't yet posted a comment about chores, you can link to it here and do it now, and I'll be very excited to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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