10 December 2007

Day 5: O Christmas Tree!

We finally got our tree up this weekend.

Each year, I say, "Next year we'll put up the tree Thanksgiving weekend," but each year it ends up being the first or second weekend in December. Oh well. Enoch keeps thinking it would be fun to get it and decorate it on Christmas Eve, but I always enjoy having the tree around to help put me in the holiday mood well before Christmas.

A couple of years ago, we purchased some plastic Christmas balls from IKEA, and I must say they were a wise investment. Even Enoch has come around to appreciating them, though I don't think he was real fond of the color blue! They are great for this time of our lives, when the kids are small but incredibly enthusiastic about decorating the tree. They are shiny and frosted-looking, but they bounce when they are dropped, and they don't break easily.

Here's a few photos of our Christmas tree decorating. Rosalind had already gone to bed, so I tried to capture a few shots of her first moments with the tree the next morning. She's also enjoying the string of jingle bells hanging from the closet door.

For those of you who know how to take great digital photos, I can use your advice. I like how most of my photos look in natural light, but end up getting lots of blurry shots because my subjects either won't be still, or I can't keep my hands still when pushing the button. So I have to either tolerate the flash, or tolerate the blur. It's hard to decide, but I still usually prefer the natural light over the flash.

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