06 December 2007

Day 3: Pictures

Seventeen inch snow storm, President's Day weekend, 2003

(Heavy Sigh)

Okay, I don't have any current snow pictures. We really only got an inch or two of snow; just enough that Enoch needed a little push to get the van out of the driveway this morning. Just enough that we got all the way to school before I realized we'd forgotten Julien's backpack. You know, just enough to throw your normal routine off. And, in my defense, it is too cold to be outside for very long to take pictures. I think it's only going up to 37 degrees today, not including the wind chill factor. And, one of my biggest complaints about winter in Philadelphia, it's sunny and clear! (I always think if it's going to be that cold, it should at least be overcast, and precipitating.)

So I was planning to post some Christmas pictures from last year, and talk about how they're so late that they are early, and for some reason, they have vanished from my photo library! I'll need to get Enoch to help me look a little further, but I am truly disappointed! So I guess I'll post a handful of other (even older) winter photos, but of course, key people (like Tristan and Rosalind) will be noticeably absent from them!

winter in Drexel Hill with our snowman, Ned

Julien's first Christmas tree

Please, God, let Mommy say I can go outside to play.

Better late than never? Something is better than nothing! I hope you agree!

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