30 December 2007

Day 12: Christmas Day and So Forth

Well, as my family can attest, Christmas 2007 was like never before. I last posted on Christmas Eve, just before starting the traditional late-night present-wrapping. When I finally came to bed a little after midnight, I woke up Enoch, who began coughing and then started vomiting. He definitely got what was going around, and I think he got it worse than the rest of us. So he was barely coherent for most of Christmas Day, and took a few photos from the couch where he spent a good portion of the day in and out of wakefulness.

Despite not having my right-hand man to help, I managed to pull off a lovely roasted chicken dinner complete with brussel sprouts, corn, mashed potatoes, and some kind of mushroom-gravy-pan sauce. It was very helpful that the children had so many new fun things to play with to keep them pleasantly occupied.

It was a late dinner, and Enoch had begun to regain his appetite.

Is Enoch hallucinating, or is that a 35-year-old woman in a pink fuzzy bathrobe?

And, as per usual, the post-holiday depression reared its ugly head, just in time for my 35th birthday on the 27th. I woke up, and just wanted to stay in bed. I didn't feel like doing anything, but at the same time, felt like going to the beauty salon and getting a new look. But because everyone is coughing and sniffling and gagging, I stayed home and we kept it pretty low-key. I'll have to save that trip for later when I have the guts. Enoch made some wonderful chicken soup (he was and is feeling much MUCH better). After dinner I enjoyed opening a huge box full of "pear things" (pear candles, pear hand soap, pear jelly beans, pear-shaped jewelry holders, and pear "dustable" home decor items, to name a few) from Enoch's sister, and Enoch bought me a beautiful leather-bound John MacArthur study Bible. It was a delightful end to an otherwise rather unexciting day.

So now I'll just post various Christmas pictures for everyone to enjoy while I labor over my thoughts about new years resolutions.

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with the ones you love, and may all your hopes for the New Year be realized!

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