24 December 2007

Day 11: Christmas Eve

It's 9:35, the kids are finally in bed, (Enoch as well) and now it's time to wrap presents! So instead, I'm doing what I have done well ever since I was born 16 days past my due date: procrastinate! I'm not wrapping gifts or doing dishes, I'm writing on my blog, of course!

I just want to make sure I get to 12 postings by Christmas, that's all. So I'll just tell you about my rather delightful day. We had breakfast together as a family, and then Enoch and the boys went on some errands (which included stopping at a skate park next to the recycle center to ride their scooters) while I stayed home with Rosalind and finished sewing the tree skirt and matching stockings. (Sorry, no photos tonight.) I felt rather spoiled, but I'm sure the boys were feeling pretty special as well. Enoch fixed our favorite crock-pot meal (white beans with sausage), so I had no worries about dinner.

After quiet time, the boys took their scooters behind Wal-Mart for some more riding, and Rosalind and I later joined them at the Shop-Rite for a little grocery shopping. I baked a couple of pumpkin pies when we returned, and then we had our delicious meal with crusty Italian bread while the pies cooled.

After dinner, we drove to church for the 6pm Christmas eve service. Enoch was operating the sound booth on the balcony while I tried to sit with the kids in the pew. Rosalind was way too wiggly, so I had to leave the boys by themselves while I walked around with her in the back. The kids were well behaved, and enjoyed the singing and the kids choir, and thankfully it went by quickly.

When we got home, the boys wanted us to read the Christmas story to them from their Children's picture Bible. I always get frustrated reading the children's Bibles, because they leave so much out, or they make comments or put phrases in that aren't exactly true to the story. I'm a much bigger fan of just reading it straight from the Bible, and maybe stopping to discuss what we're reading. Tristan wound up the musical box that plays Silent Night. It made sweet background music for our little story, which was mercifully short, thanks to Enoch's superior reading abilities.

Finally, we ate pumpkin pie, drank egg nog, and watched The Muppets Christmas Carol (a Muppet version of Dickens' A Christmas Carol). It was unusual and delightful, and I even got a little cat-nap in there. So now, I must make Christmas pretty. Wrapping paper? Check. Scotch tape? Check. Gift tags? Ah, we'll make them. Ribbons and bows? Uh-oh. Well, maybe it won't be over-the-top pretty. At least cleanup will be a little easier.

Well, have a Merry Christmas everyone! And to all a good night!

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