07 December 2007

Day 4: Baby Steps

Last night while I was getting dinner ready, I took a few snapshots of my kitchen helpers. The boys peeled potatoes while Rosalind threw the peels like confetti and began hiding them in the clean bowls in my cupboard.

Once they had finished their job, I sent them off to play, and a short while later, Rosalind came walking into the kitchen without holding onto the wall! We were so excited, and we jumped up and down, and only two minutes later, Enoch came home from work. But sure enough, she showed her Dad that she could walk without holding on, and we all cheered for her. Of course, I forgot to snap a picture last night, but tried to get a couple this morning that I could use as "proof."

Look out world! Another Stevenson child is claiming independence!

1 comment:

  1. Great hair, Mini-Me(rrilee) :) And awesome job with the big girl steps! You go, Girl!