19 September 2007

Tooth Troubles

I was planning to do some blogging today, and I had gotten the "laundry train" started (3 loads washed, two dried), when I decided to snack on a few pitted prunes. Being the multi-tasking momma that I am, I had two in my mouth at once, and then accidentally bit down on the pit, breaking my tooth. I hate it when that happens. So my day unfolded in a most unplanned way. I was scheduled to have this tooth worked on this Monday, so we're pushing it forward to tomorrow. (Sigh.) I was listening to a Twila Paris song in my van as I was near the dentist office. She was singing a song based on Romans 8:28, "And we know that all things work together, yes we know that all things work together, for those who are called, for those who Love God, all things work together...for good." So even though this is not what I had planned for today, God knows it from beginning to end, and He is still sovereign.

(I'm posting these photos of Rosalind just because I haven't posted a photo of her in a while.)
I hope your day is going better than you planned!

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