27 September 2007

Thirteen Projects I'm Working On

Most of these projects are already partially started (!), and my goal is to complete them by the end of October. (Mom and Dad are coming for a visit then, so they'll be checking my work and/or helping me get these done.) If any of you are willing and able to help--your hands and your advice are welcome! Not in any particular order...

1. Paint Living Room Wall Orange. (WHAT!?!) I guess orange is becoming my new favorite color. (It is the complimentary color to blue, which IS my favorite, so why not?) I'm only planning to paint the wall that divides the living room and dining room, so it will just be a bold splash of color; hopefully not an overpowering one.
2. Scrape off the "frosting" on the walls and ceiling in the bathroom. (This could be a post all its own. I have some pictures, so maybe it will.) The "frosting" of which I speak is joint compound that the previous owner smeared all over the house: living room ceiling (another to add to the list), some of the dining room walls (painted over, thankfully), and every part of the bathroom that isn't tile or molding. It literally looks like white chalky frosting, smeared in ridged circles. ICK!
3. Paint bathroom walls and ceiling (white), and cabinets and molding (dark red/cinnamon).
4. Paint kitchen (yellow).
5. Re-arrange basement. (We're getting a piano this Saturday, so the TV/video "center" needs to be re-located to the basement.)
6. Sew apron for my niece. (Started this back in May!)
7. Write recipe cards for same niece. (ditto.)
8. Send package with completed projects to aforementioned niece.
9. Shampoo carpets. (I'm so thankful I have a shampooer! I always tell girls who are registering for baby stuff to forget the baby swing and the diaper Genie and go for the carpet shampooer and a decent vacuum. Babies will outgrow those other things, but a mother will always use the shampooer and vacuum cleaner!)
10. Shampoo sofa.
12. Dry/can/freeze/pickle/preserve tomatoes (coming out my ears!) and peppers.
13. Re-upholster the hide-a-bed sofa in basement.

Now to get started...

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  1. Good luck with all that painting! (And yes, ORANGE? :D)

    Fingers're feeling somewhat better but still hurts if I type for too long.