06 September 2007

Thirteen Things I Did before 11am Today

Okay, so call me a sheep if you want. It seems that nearly everyone is doing this "Thursday Thirteen" thing on their blogs, so I'm going to give it a shot. That means I have to try to post something every Thursday, a list of thirteen things. We'll see how it goes. For my first list, I'll keep it simple. Here's Thirteen Things I Did Before 11am Today:

1. Took a Shower. This is the start to a good day indeed!
2. Got dressed, including shoes and socks.. No, it's not overrated, but a necessity to the start of a good day.
3. Put a load of whites in the dryer. (Julien needed a clean white shirt for school. SCHOOL? Whoops! I gotta post that photo! The first week of school is nearly over!)
4. Nursed the baby. This happens a few times a day, but worth listing as an accomplishment. I won't list every diaper, unless she has some massive bowel problem. Thankfully not today. At least not yet.
5. Ate breakfast with the children. This is sometimes like a 3-ring circus, only messier.
6. Read the Bible with the kids. Sometimes also like a circus, but this is the natural end to breakfast. Currently we're reading backwards through the Psalms, and we're at #92.
7. Washed breakfast dishes. It's great to get that done right away, so I'm not staring at crusty bowls and spoons at 4:30 when I'm trying to think about fixing dinner.
8. Brushed teeth and took daily vitamins. I always list these two together because we've made it a habit to do them together.
9. Took out the trash. This week it's Julien's job, but I supervised it, so I'm counting it.
10. Walked Julien to school.
11. Played video games on my new cell phone while laying on the couch with Tristan. (Only because I'm not feeling well today and needed to crash for a few minutes on the couch while Rosalind was napping. Not sure if it's allergies or a sinus infection, but it's not fun!)
12. Played memory with Tristan. He won the first game, but I made up for it by winning the next two, the little smarty pants.
13. Checked e-mail and read a few blogs. Was inspired to make this list! Now it's 11:35! Time to make a "to do" list for the rest of this beautiful day. (Tristan is nagging me to go outside--it will be at the top.)

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  1. Sounds like a productive morning! Thanks for commenting (not just today); your additions were important. Julien's in school already?! Eek, time flies.