20 September 2007

Thirteen Things I Carry in My Big Bag

(For those of you who requested recipes from last week, I'll try to send them either tonight or tomorrow.)

You could say that you can learn a lot about someone by looking inside their purse. Here's what I found in mine just this morning, not including my wallet and checkbook.

1. Sunscreen bottle.
2. My Hairbrush. (Since the only time I have to brush my hair is when we're in the car!)
3. Baby Wipes.
4. Empty Prescription Bottle (2)
5. Coupon Organizer (with a lot of coupons just shoved in, not organized!)
6. One pen, Two pencils.
7. Two Sweet and Sour Sauces for McNuggets.
8. Lip balm.
9. Unopened sample of dental floss.
10 Two mismatched earrings.
11. 3 tampons.
12. My Bible Study Jounral.
13. One cough drop.

And much, much more! It must easily weigh 5 pounds! What fun things do you carry around with you?

1 comment:

  1. Not one, but two empty prescription bottles? Wow.

    I'd have to say that the most interesting thing I carry around with me is my sock-in-progress. (Knitting project.) It makes for guaranteed entertainment if I get stuck somewhere.