07 September 2007

School's In Session

Julien about to sneeze from the bright sunlight

Ready to go already!

Well, it's almost become old hat already, but some of you may be impatiently waiting for the "First Day of School" pictures. I apologize for the lack of diversity. I was more concerned about getting there on time, and dealing with a younger brother who was having some issues of his own, as you'll see in the photo below. So I forgot to bring the camera with us to school so you could see how Julien measures up next to his fellow classmates. It's no surprise that he is most likely the tallest in his class, although there are a few others who are close to his height.

Tristan wants his picture taken, too, but doesn't have shoes on yet.

Today when I was standing around waiting for the bell to ring, while the boys were running around and playing, a woman I've never met before came up to me and said, "Your son is the most polite boy; he's just so polite!" I think she might work at the school as a support staff--maybe a lunch lady or the music teacher--I don't know. I thanked her, but was a little caught off guard because she didn't introduce herself or tell me exactly what he did or said that was so polite, and before I could ask her, she was gone and the moment had passed. But it was one of those moments that makes a parent pleased and proud.

Looking smarter every day.

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