07 September 2007

Lookin' For Lyrics

Tonight Enoch took the boys to the first home football game. I wanted to go, but I'm coming down with an awful cold, so I stayed home with the baby. Instead of resting, I'm taking advantage of the lack of interruptions to do some creative writing and what not. Enoch has been taking a few guitar lessons, and nearly every night after dinner he pulls it out to practice a little. He knows the chord sequence to the Jimmy Buffet classic, Margaritaville, and he wants to write a little ditty for his Latin class. So I'm toying with a few lines, and thought I'd put it out there for anyone else who might have a creative bone in their body. We're looking for lyrics that would tell a story in 3 verses, most likely having to do with not doing their Latin homework and dreading inevitable failure, or something like that. The rhyme-scheme should match the actual song, and lyrics must be appropriate for a teacher to sing to minor students, so no foul play allowed (just a disclaimer). If you have any suggestions for lyrics, post a comment here. Thanks! I'll try to remember to let everyone know what comes of it. If it's really good, maybe Enoch will produce a CD or post it on YouTube or something!

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