23 August 2009

Miscellaneous Birthday "Party"

In my last post, I was able to condense down a week's worth of activity into one entry. But in the midst of it all, Brendan had a birthday. A week ago.

I told Enoch, "In the future, let's remember not to go peach picking on the weekend of Brendan's birthday." While he was pretty much clueless, his siblings were expecting something big. But they were let down a little.

Because, our kitchen looked something like this.

And baking a birthday cake and having people over was just not gonna happen. (Although Julien was all ready with a pirate theme idea and wanting to help plan everything.)

And we did manage to buy Brendan some cup cakes and balloons and party favors, which he seemed to enjoy.

We had to party in the basement because our kitchen and dining room were invaded by peaches and canning supplies. But we were able to take a brief video of the all-important song, and we'll share it here:

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