12 August 2009

Miscellaneous Peach Pie Pictures

I made 3 different "pies" at different times. The first one, is technically called a galette. I used 2-3 medium peaches with a little glaze of Enoch's homemade ginger marmalade, arranged in the center of a simple butter pie/tart crust. I folded the edges up, which is supposed to help keep the juices in, but as you can see, my little crust had a little hole which made for a big black puddle of caramelized sweetness. No surprise, I didn't hear anyone complain. We gobbled it up for a family dessert night, topped with dollops of honey-sweetened homemade yogurt.

Peach pie #1. This was the first real peach pie of the season, made from the recipe in Joy of Cooking. Since it was made so late at night, we had no choice but to eat it for breakfast the next day. The kids were excited to have peach pie for breakfast, and they weren't disappointed.

Peach pie #2. Same recipe as above. This time I used more peaches, and brushed the top crust with cream and sprinkled with sugar. Overall, I think it made a better looking pie crust, although a bit too dark in spots. We took this one to share at a party. I was so peached out by that time, I opted for the yummy yummy chocolate brownies. But we had a couple of slices leftover that I enjoyed with coffee the next morning before the kids woke up.


  1. Pie for breakfast is the best!

  2. Wow your lattice topped pie looks amazing...I've never been brave enough to attempt such a work of art, but I think you've just inspired me!