22 August 2009

Miscellaneous Deja Vu

Peach picking--take two!

(Some of these photos might look like things you've seen before. But they are new.)

Since our first trip to the Garden State to pick fruit was an immeasurable success, we decided to do it again.

This time, we came with boxes and berry containers, ready to fill them up!

Same place.

Same fruit.

But lots more to can and preserve!

The weather was perfect.

The kids were all well-behaved. And in the course of two short hours, we were able to bring home 60 pounds of peaches, and 16 pounds of blackberries!

With it, we made blackberry jam,

a peach-blackberry breakfast pie,

we canned eight quarts of sliced peaches,

made peach butter and peach jelly, and froze 15 pounds of peaches and 4-5 pounds of blackberries.

The kids ate peaches any time they asked for a snack, to the point where their poop started turning green. Okay, now I've used an abundance of words! (No photos of that, thankfully!)

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