14 August 2009

Miscellaneous Trip to DC (part 1)

Last weekend we took a day trip to DC with the family. We drove to New Carrolton, and took the metro in from there. Because it was Saturday, parking was free! We had a wonderful time: no one needed spankings, no one wet their pants. And the kids were well behaved too! Here's the first half of the day (the second half will be my next post):

To start us off, we went straight to the Smithsonian's Museum of Natural Science. What a neat place! We enjoyed seeing so many things, like dinosaur bones and all sorts of underwater creatures. If it weren't for the fact that everywhere we turned we read about "millions and millions of years," I think I would have enjoyed it so much more. Thankfully, we didn't stay and read every little thing we looked at, since the place was very crowded and our children kept us moving right along.

We also enjoyed watching a 3-D moving in the IMAX theater about underwater sea creatures.

The next places we wanted to go were a little distance to walk. As we entered the mall area, we got some big flag stickers from a local fund-raiser. The weather was not too warm, and somewhat overcast, which was very nice. We had some warm sunshine early, but then the clouds increased in the afternoon.

We walked up to Union Station, near to the capital building, and there we stopped for lunch.

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