21 November 2008

Thankfulness, November 21

Speaking of doctor's appointments (from yesterday), I have an interesting one to share. (I'll warn you it's a little gross.) As you recall, I stayed home from church on Sunday with Julien because he threw up Sunday morning. The next one to start sounding stuffy was Rosalind. She also had a couple of nights when she woke up numerous times, and developed a cough. Sometimes she would state, "I got boogers," and I thought it was cute, but didn't think much of it. Wednesday night, she woke up crying and shivering. As I held her in the dark, I smelled her stinky breath, and a familiar pungent smell in her hair, vomit. She had puked all over her bed. Good thing I picked her up in the dark. I think if I had known she was covered in it, I wouldn't have picked her up so readily. Yesterday she was a bit perkier, but still had a stuffy nose. It was raw-looking on one side, and that cheek was also reddish. When Enoch came home and played with her on his lap, he complained that her breath smelled bad. I told him that her breath had been smelly for a week or so. Then he wiped her nose, and smelled the tissue. We called the doctor. They were about to close for the night, but they wanted to see her. Enoch volunteered to take her since I was feeding Brendan and we were about to sit down for dinner. The final verdict: they removed a clump of tissue the size of my fingertip that was packed up in there. Hopefully with it removed, she'll be her normal, pleasant, 2-year old self today. But I'm thankful for our pediatricians, and for my husband, and that our daughter is doing much better.

Which brings us to today's Thankfulness in November challenge. One that is rather convicting for me, I'm afraid.

Day 21:

Did you visit the ill or lonely this month? We Thank You, if not pay 50 cents please. I'll have to ante up, but how about you?

To learn more about Thankfulness in November, read the introduction here. I would love to hear from you if you are participating! Please leave a comment below, and even your website if you are going to post about it on your blog. Thanks for your participation! I'm looking forward to seeing what a big blessing we can bring with us on December 7th (the first Sunday in December).

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