24 November 2008

Thankfulness, November 24

Last Sunday Julien had it. Wednesday night was Rosalind's turn. Yesterday was my turn. I spent most of the afternoon at a birthday party with the kids and Julien's schoolmate, and missed my nap. I saw glimpses of a football game involving men wearing Eagles uniforms, but conversing with a house full of strangers was more interesting to me. By evening time, I was feeling very tired and not real hungry. I was ready to call it a day by about 7pm, and I was in bed by 8. But then the vomiting happened. And also the diarrhea. And the overall aches and stiffness. So on a day when I would normally watch a lot of football as well as our favorites, AFV and Nature, I watched maybe a combined total of 1 hour of TV. But other members of our household will most likely have to pay up for today's Thankfulness in November challenge.

Day 24:

How many hours of TV did you watch yesterday? 10 cents for each hour please.

To learn more about Thankfulness in November, read the introduction here. I would love to hear from you if you are participating! Please leave a comment below, and even your website if you are going to post about it on your blog. Thanks for your participation! I'm looking forward to seeing what a big blessing we can bring with us on December 7th (the first Sunday in December).

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