25 November 2008

Thankfulness, November 25

Today's Thankfulness in November challenge has to do with pets. My husband and I grew up with pets in our homes, although he had far more than I did. But now that I'm a housewife and mother (of children who are still in diapers), my desire to own a pet is little to none. In fact, before Rosalind came around, I told my husband that I'd much rather have another baby than to get a pet, because at least with a baby you eventually potty train them and they can do work around the house, whereas with a pet, you are stuck cleaning up their poop and messes for LIFE! At least a person has an eternal soul. We've had 2 more children since then.

I did say that once the last one is potty trained, I'd be open to getting a pet that helped contribute to the household--a working pet like in the olden days. Maybe a mouse-hunting dog or cat. But there's still the issue of poop. A chicken would be nice. Their poop can be used in the garden for fertilizer (I think), and they can produce eggs and meat for our growing family, and they are outside animals, so my house wouldn't get dirtier from them. Sounds good to me! I'm just not sure how well a bunch of chickens would do in a yard that's so close to a couple of dog kennels. And our yard is very very compact. We'd have to be real careful where we'd place the coop. Plus there's the zoning issues we'd have to get approved, not doubt.

I know pets can offer something that is hard to match: companionship. That's why today, instead of not contributing to the bank because we don't have pets, we'll charge the kids for every stuffed toy that they keep as companions. At least each one of them will have to pay something, since they all have their own special "doggy," plus a few more. How about you?

Day 24:

Do you own a pet? Please deposit 10 cents for each one.

To learn more about Thankfulness in November, read the introduction here. I would love to hear from you if you are participating! Please leave a comment below, and even your website if you are going to post about it on your blog. Thanks for your participation! I'm looking forward to seeing what a big blessing we can bring with us on December 7th (the first Sunday in December).

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  1. So our house wouldn't get dirtier because of them?
    I don't think we need a pet there.