30 November 2008

Thankfulness in November-Conclusion

Well, we made it! When I look back over the last 30 days, it's full of one thing or another that makes up the bulk of what we call "life." So much has happened this month, including some big things that didn't get mentioned: our 13th wedding anniversary, the arrival of the first great-grandchild, Alexis Nicole Brown, born on my parent's 41st wedding anniversary, a summons for jury duty, more leaky kitchen pipes, and harvesting the last of the carrots in the garden. Whether the events were big or small, planned or unplanned, I found it helpful to find something every day for which to be thankful. I found myself thinking of other ideas that I could suggest for next year--like a clean-out-your-sock-drawer day, and charge per pair, per mate-less sock, and per hole in the socks. Perhaps a clean-out-the-fridge tax would be good in preparation before Thanksgiving, and another tax if you've started to decorate or listen to Christmas music before December 1. Other suggestions are welcome--just leave comments in the comments section.

All that to say that I'm thankful that I have so much to be thankful for--there's so much more to be thankful for than we often think about. And even though this is the time of year when we all seem to go broke, it will be a thrill to bring so much "little extra" just to give to God and to show our appreciation for His bountiful blessings. Thank you for participating with me and following along, even if you didn't post any comments. I'm looking forward to doing this again!

Please bring your contribution to church on December 7th.

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