04 November 2008

Thankfulness, November 4

There's one thing my husband does for me almost every morning that I am so thankful for; he makes coffee. Okay, if you know him, you know that I'm not the only person for whom the coffee is made, but still: when I take that first sip, I usually say with my light coffee breath, "I love my husband!" I do know some people--even people I call my friends--who don't drink coffee. But that's okay today! Today we're going to be thankful for tea, cocoa, hot cider, bottled water--whatever that special beverage is that you drink daily and are so thankful for.

Day 4:

How many cups of coffee/tea/water did you drink yesterday? FIVE CENTS per cup please.

To learn more about Thankfulness in November, read the introduction here. I would love to hear from you if you are participating! Please leave a comment below, and even your website if you are going to post about it on your blog. Thanks for your participation! I'm looking forward to seeing what a big blessing we can bring with us on December 7th (the first Sunday in December).

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